I’ve seen Lindsay for wellness at the office as well as for PT outside of work for a sprained ankle. She was always so supportive and encouraging throughout my sessions. It's awesome knowing someone is helping me prioritize taking care of my physical wellbeing. I absolutely recommend her services.

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I've been to tons of PTs in the past (former college athlete) and Lindsey is by far my favorite. She is great at creating programs that are tailored to your specific needs and fitness level. Can't wait for my next 1-on-1 Wellbeing meeting :)

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Rowdy Ferret DesignKelly

I like to still think I'm an athlete but chronic injuries over the years have really taken their toll. Being mindful and proactive with stretches and strengthening exercises, has helped me extend my window and keeps me going as a weekend warrior. 

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Rowdy Ferret DesignJohnny

She makes you feel super comfortable right off the bat. She is incredibly thorough in evaluating what you personally can do for your workplace ergonomics! As someone who is short, she was great at helping me tailor my sitting and desk to avoid back tensions I have been dealing with. 

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Rowdy Ferret DesignKristen

As the facilities coordinater I handle the logistics of having Marka Health at our office. It’s always a really seamless process – they provide all the equipment and a link to schedule that I share with our employees.

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Rowdy Ferret DesignRay

Marka Health is an essential benefit that we offer (and that helps recruit!) our employees. Our team's one-on-one sessions have helped individuals solve everything from persistent back & neck pain, to root ergonomics issues, to preventing injuries for the weekend warrior crowd.

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Rowdy Ferret DesignMatt