San Francisco based wellness company supporting onsite health management


for You, Your Company, and Community.


Work with health & wellness experts conveniently at your home or office.
Avoid pain & injury, improve productivity and morale, and save money at your company.
Let Marka come to you, and know your wellbeing is never far away.

Serving San Francisco and surrounding areas.

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Custom wellness services include:


Ergonomic assessments 

Address any workstation problems proactively. Evaluate your office setup, and correct any potential posture or pain issues.


1-on-1 Wellbeing meetings  

Proactively use hands on therapy and exercise to prevent pain & injury, optimize holistic health and meet your fitness goals.


Company and Team events  

Movement or discussion based! Topics include injury prevention, yoga & stretching, ergonomics, exercise & healthy living.


It’s important to invest in your wellbeing. 

After over ten years working at top physical therapy clinics in San Francisco, I started Marka Health in order to bring health and wellness to individuals and companies earlier in the health continuum.

We spend significantly more time at work and health care costs are a growing part of overall employment costs. Injury is a top reason for loss of productivity and missed days of work. Creating a culture of wellness is an important way to support employees and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness programs improve morale, promote teamwork, and help attract and retain talent. A healthier workforce means decreased missed work due to injury and medical appointments. Employees appreciate easy access to services and as a result are more productive and happier.

Wellness programs save money. Employees who participate in a wellness program gain 10.3 hours of productivity per year, and for every dollar spent on wellness programs, medical costs fell by approximately $3.27, and costs associated with missing work fell by approximately $2.73.